Mission Statement

Our Mission

Shoalhaven Homeless Hub and Family Counselling Service provides Homeless Specialist Services to families and individuals in crisis and assists them to achieve a level of independence that enables them to reengage with their local community and live independently.

We aim to support, guide families and individuals whose tenancies and accommodation are at risk.

The service achieves these aims by using an integrated collaborative service delivery model that identifies and responds appropriately to the needs of families and individuals, beyond that of providing shelter.

What We Value

  • Local Community
  • Diversity of people
  • Every individual’s equal right to optimum level of health, dignity and respect
  • Cooperative relationships
  • Working alongside diverse communities

Our Commitment

  • Is to provide a safe and secure environment
  • To protect, identify and support the needs of disadvantaged people
  • Work together collaboratively
  • To be a strong advocate for the homeless

Are you in need of help? Contact us to see how we can support you.